April 8, 2022, School Communication

April 8, 2022, School Communication

This is a copy of an email communication sent to all Wellington families. 

Dear Wellington Community,

As you know, we continue to closely monitor COVID-19 cases and recommendations at all levels and adjust our safety and mitigation protocols appropriately. We are a school committed to student health and safety, while also working to maximize learning outcomes wherever possible.

In response to low positivity rates in our own school community and in the larger Columbus community, we will make the following updates to our policies and procedures:

  • Lunch table capacity will increase from three to five students (pre-COVID capacity was 10 students). 
  • Water fountains will be turned back on. Refillable water bottle stations have been available throughout this time and will continue to be available.
  • Band classes will return to the band room (from the BPAC), with 3-4 feet between each musician.
  • We will no longer send school-wide COVID-19 notification emails or update our COVID dashboard. This is in response to updated guidance from the Ohio Department of Health which no longer requires schools to maintain a separate system for parents and guardians to report student cases of COVID-19. Wellington will continue to collaborate with local public health officials and the Medical Subcommittee as needed. As is our policy with any communicable disease, close contacts of any COVID-positive person will continue to be notified by Danielle Goldfarb, school nurse. Please continue to report all positive cases and known exposures to Danielle Goldfarb.

Our quarantine policy for COVID-positive individuals remains the same. Details about this and all of our COVID policies and procedures can continue to be found on our website here.

We continue to be so very grateful for your ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of our school community.

The Wellington COVID-19 Task Force

Danielle Goldfarb, school nurse
Lindsey Smith, chief operating officer/director of athletics
Laurie Beth Sweeney, chief experience officer/director of development